••• Chiropractic is a treatment which focuses on reducing your back pain at the source of the problem.

The Archway House Chiropractors, Market Harborough treat people from all age groups with both short and long term conditions. The causes of these conditions are many and varied, for example, you might have injured yourself taking exercise or playing sport, perhaps ‘overdone it’ in the garden, might have bent over and picked something up awkwardly or taken a bump in the car, alternatively you may be feeling stiff and uncomfortable from years of sitting at the office desk. However it began they are here to help you. Give us a call and start on the road to recovery today!

Importantly for people in physical discomfort, our practice is conveniently situated just one mile from the town centre of Market Harborough with plenty of free parking guaranteed directly outside of the door and all of the treatment rooms are on the ground floor.