If you suffer from neck pain, it can prove debilitating. If you don’t want to take strong painkilling medication or have seen few results with them, the problem can seem overwhelming. Yet there is excellent news for neck pain sufferers in the findings of a new study.

The study revealed that chiropractic care and light exercise relieves neck pain more than even the specific medication prescribed for this purpose. The prevalence of tablets, laptops and mobile phones in our daily life and in the workplace mean that more peering and craning is regularly done; around 89% of the British population will experience neck pain as a result of it.

The research, published in The Annals of Internal Medicine, discovered that chiropractic care was more efficient at reducing neck pain than taking medications like aspirin, ibuprofen – and even narcotics.

“These changes were diminished over time, but they were still present,” said Dr. Gert Bronfort, an author of the study and research professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota. “Even a year later, there were differences between the spinal manipulation and medication groups.”

Moderate to severe neck pain is among the most frequent reasons for primary healthcare visits, accounting for millions of appointments each year. When pain and stiffness occur suddenly, seemingly unrelated to injury or daily tasks, it is difficult to know how to treat it. With doctors variously prescribing pain medication, pain medication and spinal manipulation almost at random, Dr. Bronfort’s team was inspired to carry out a comprehensive study.

The research split 272 volunteers into three groups, and studied them for three months. The first group was assigned chiropractic treatment throughout the study, up to around 15 sessions. The second was allocated traditionally prescribed pain medication, such as acetaminophen and occasionally stronger, muscle-relaxants. The last group were instructed to carry out daily light exercises by a physiotherapist.

12 weeks later, the surprising result was that those in the non-medicated groups did markedly better than those taking the painkillers. Around 57 percent of those who underwent chiropractic treatment reported at least a 75% reduction in neck pain – compared to just 33% of those using medication.

The benefits don’t stop there; a year on, 53% of those receiving chiropractic manipulation still described a 75% neck pain reduction, with just 38% in the drug treatment group able to say the same.


With the known reliance and addiction problems surrounding painkilling medication, this is fantastic news for neck pain sufferers. Chiropractic care allows you to heal and recover from pain and injury without depending on harmful drugs, leaving you empowered, fit and active.

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