Who can benefit from chiropractic treatment?

Anyone from young to old can benefit from Chiropractic treatment with the team at Archway House having experience with young babies to 92 year old patients!

The maintenance of the spine in its movements is very important.

Patients who have ‘wear and tear’ in the joints of the body and spine (often referred to as Osteoarthritis) experience benefits as correcting joint function as much as feasibly possible helps reduce their symptoms. More specifically less pain, increased flexibility (range of movement) and increased strength to the muscles of that region.

Equally if you catch these issues early before they start to become symptomatic (quite often painful and stiff) the amount of wear and tear can be reduced for the future, this is where treatment of the young really comes into its own. As the well known saying goes prevention is better than cure!

So, why not get the whole family in for a check up?