How does Chiropractics work? | Back pain, Neck Pain, etc.

How chiropractics works is best explained through describing a common cause of back pain and how it occurs:
There is a great misconception that the bones that make up your spine can ‘go out of place’.

This can occur rarely but most forms of back pain stem from a loss of control with your spinal column at a given moment in time, leading to damage to the surrounding tissues causing back pain.

This, as many of our patients confirm, happens during a seemingly normal/innocuous daily activity which suddenly happens for no obvious reason.

This ‘out of the blue’ back pain occurs due to a slow loss of control of the joints of the spine. These joints are controlled by your nervous system and as such, when a loss of control occurs it causes you to have an injury.

This joint control is performed on a sub-concious level from moment to moment, in the same way that your heart beat is kept steady!

This is why Chiropractic adjustment of the spine is particularly effective, as we stimulate these control centres within your spinal cord to allow them to do their job better at maintaining the correct joint alignment. This may then be followed up with exercises to maintain this state of harmony.

A course of treatment is often required as most presentations of a condition have had this underlying dysfunction occurring for long period of time (usually years). Chiropractic adjustments are what we call dose-dependant with the effects building over time with each session. Much like going on a diet or going to the gym it takes time to have a lasting effect.